Vrbo: Missing reservation

There could be several possible reasons for a missing VRBO reservation in Guesty, detailed below.

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(Pro) Existing Vrbo reservation was previously managed in Vrbo

If your Vrbo account was managed in Vrbo before connecting to Guesty, not through another software, existing reservations will not be imported into Guesty due to limitations with Vrbo's API.

The existing reservations can be easily identified. All Vrbo reservations have a "HA-" prefix, followed by either seven or six digits depending on when it was created.

  • Seven digits = reservation created after connecting to Guesty
    • Example HA-1234567

If the missing reservation has seven digits after the "HA-" prefix, contact us and include a screenshot of the reservation's details from your Vrbo dashboard.

  • Six digits = reservation created before connecting to Guesty
    • Example HA-123456

If the missing reservation has six digits after the "HA-" prefix, it is not expected to be in Guesty. These existing reservations should be managed in your Vrbo dashboard.

(Pro) Existing Vrbo reservation was previously managed in another PMS or channel manager

When switching to Guesty's direct integration with Vrbo from another PMS/channel manager, all existing reservations in your Vrbo portfolio must be mapped in order to be managed by Guesty. To upload your existing Vrbo reservations to Guesty, contact us with this template in CSV format. See the full details here.

(Pro) Listing is not connected

Follow the steps here to verify that your Vrbo listings are actively connected to your Guesty listing.

(Pro) Reservation is delayed

Once you've verified that the listings are connected, a delay may still be caused by the following:

  • Reservation changes or status updates haven't been synced yet between Vrbo and Guesty
  • Vrbo may have flagged the listing or account, preventing it from syncing correctly with Guesty

If the reservation or update is still not synchronized with Guesty after more than 24 hours, contact us.

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