TripAdvisor Financials

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  • TripAdvisor handles all payments for reservations.
  • You will receive an invoice from TripAdvisor for each processed payment.
  • All payments will be sent 24 hours after check-in by TripAdvisor to your PayPal or bank transfer.


  • In case of a cancellation by the guest, the payment will be transferred to you 24 hours after the check-in date and according to your cancellation policy.
  • If you cancel a reservation, TripAdvisor will charge you a $200 USD cancellation fee. Cancelling a reservation will also affect your account performance and SEO ranking on TripAdvisor. If you need to cancel a reservation due to a major incident, get in touch with TripAdvisor


  • TripAdvisor commission from property managers is 3% from each reservation.


Guesty converts the currency to USD before syncing it with TripAdvisor, unless the listing's currency is one of the mentioned below:

  • AUD (Australian Dollar).
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar).
  • CHF (Swiss Franc).
  • EUR (Euro).
  • GBP (Great British Pound).
  • SEK (Swedish Krona).
  • USD (US Dollar).
  • THB (Thai Baht).
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