Airbnb: Why is there a discrepancy with an inquiry's reservation payout?

There might be discrepancies with an inquiry's reservation payout due to different reasons.
However, once a reservation is confirmed, the complete financial information is sent by Airbnb, and the reservation's financials are updated and accurate in Guesty.


Keep in mind, guests don't receive a breakdown of all the fees that the reservation includes — they will only see the full price.


Below are the reasons for why you might see discrepancies between your inquiry's reservation payout in Airbnb and Guesty.

Scenario 1: Pre-approved or approved inquiries

When a guest sends a Request to Book inquiry that needs to be pre-approved or approved, Airbnb might not send the financial information for the basic and additional fees, taxes, and channel commission to Guesty.
This may cause discrepancies between the data set in Guesty, the Airbnb listing page, and what Airbnb retrieved in the inquiry.

Scenario 2: Same guest with a new inquiry

When a guest inquires about a specific property, but does not confirm/approve it, the data will still be kept in Guesty.

If the same guest sends another inquiry for the same property (even months or years after the initial inquiry), the system won’t update the financial data, since it still presents the old details from the initial inquiry the guest made or submitted.

In this case, the new inquiry is associated with the old one (in the same conversation thread, generated in Guesty), and might cause a discrepancy in the pricing.


If the same guest sends an inquiry for a different property, then it will open a brand new conversation with data from this new inquiry.

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