Troubleshooting calendar and pricing discrepancies between Guesty and Airbnb

Follow the troubleshooting steps below if you're experiencing discrepancies in your calendar availability and pricing (displayed rates) between Guesty and Airbnb.


The listing must be active and listed for the listing to start syncing data and appear in the Multi-calendar.
Keep in mind, Airbnb data is processed asynchronously — meaning there may be several minutes of delay during periods with high load and activity.

If your listing has been suspended, contact Airbnb to lift the restrictions before attempting to sync again.


Check the troubleshooting guidelines below if you're experiencing any of the following:

  • Discrepancies with calendar availability (calendar blocks)
    • The calendar is blocked on Guesty, but available on Airbnb
    • The calendar is blocked on Airbnb, but available on Guesty
  • Rates in Airbnb don't match the Guesty listing pricing settings
    • Lower prices are displayed on the Airbnb listing page, but higher prices are displayed in Guesty
    • Lower prices are displayed in Guesty, but higher prices are displayed on the Airbnb listing page


Basic checklist: Resolving your issues in Guesty

Check the following settings in Guesty to diagnose issues between your calendar and/or pricing:

  • Check if your listing is active toggle is enabled.
    This toggle activates your listing and allows you to manage it in Guesty, as well as, syncs your data between Airbnb and Guesty.

  • Check if your listing's location meets the local regulations according to Airbnb.
    Learn about Airbnb's local regulations and/or if your listing is located in New York.

  • Check your availability settings and Smart Calendar rules, since they'll create calendar blocks in Guesty:
  • Check if there were manual changes in the calendar:
  • Check if the minimum nights listing setting exceeds Airbnb's annual nights limit in certain locations.
    For example: Let's say your listing has an Airbnb-enforced annual limit of 90 nights.
    89 nights have been booked, so there is only one night remaining.
    If the minimum night's setting in Guesty for that listing is more than one night, Airbnb will block all dates.
    1. Verify if the minimum nights in Airbnb match the Guesty listing availability settings (and vice-versa).
    2. Check if there are reservations created with fewer minimum nights or lower rates.

  • Check your calendar's custom pricing, and remove it (if needed)
    If you have a weekend price set up on the property's "Pricing" tab, then any other custom pricing will be overridden.
    To set custom pricing in the calendar:
    1. Remove the weekend price in the property page’s Pricing settings.
      Even if you override it in Guesty, you must remove the weekend price setting in order to see the changes reflected in Airbnb.
    2. Add the price manually in Guesty.
  • Check if your rate strategy overrides the minimum nights setting.
    Learn more about how Guesty calculates multiple minimum nights.
  • Check that your base price is higher than the listing's cleaning fee.
    If the cleaning fee is higher than the base price, your listing won't be validated by Airbnb.
    When editing an Airbnb cleaning fee, make sure that the amount doesn't exceed the maximum cleaning fee of 600 USD+25% of the nightly price. Airbnb's minimum cleaning fee is $5 USD.

    For example: Let’s say your cleaning fee is $700 per stay, and the nightly rate is $325 (minimum of 2 nights).
    For 2 nights, the nightly rate total will be $650. The cleaning fee won't sync, since it's higher than the listing's base price.

    The calculation for $600+25% of the daily price:
    $650 for 2 nights = $325 per night
    $325 * 25% = $81.25
    $600 + $81.25 = $681.25

    In this scenario, the cleaning fee must be less than $681.25.

  • Check that your additional fees are not higher than your base price, as this will prevent your listing from being validated by Airbnb.

    For example: If your base price is $100, your pet fee must be between $0 to $99

  • Check if you have promotions set to your Airbnb listings
    Promotions might cause reservations to have a lower price. You can find promotions set up in the Revenue Management tab in Guesty.
  • Check if your third-party pricing tools are active
    Third-party pricing tools will override your general minimum nights or your listing base price, and will place the best rate and nights according to their algorithm.


Advanced checklist: Resolving discrepancies in Airbnb 

Check for any special discounts or promotions set up in Airbnb:

  • Rule-sets in Airbnb can override your settings in Guesty
  • Discounts and promotions created directly in Airbnb will override the pricing in Guesty

If you're still having issues with blocked dates, reach out directly to Airbnb Customer Solutions to check if there are any non-technical or non-API issues (such as Trust & Safety issues) that need to be resolved.

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