Reasons for Why an Auto Review Wasn't Posted

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The Auto Reviews feature is available for Airbnb connections.

Below are a few reasons why the Auto Reviews feature might not be working:

    • Importing Guest review history isn't supported
      Guesty can only import reviews for reservations that were created in Guesty — meaning not all Airbnb listing reviews will be shown.
    • There can only be one review per reservation
      In case a review for an Airbnb reservation was first posted directly on Airbnb, Guesty will not send a review for that reservation again via the Auto Reviews feature.
    • The Auto Review feature isn't activated on the listing
      To make sure that a guest gets reviewed automatically, Auto Reviews must be activated on the relevant listing, and at least one template must be created. Reviews will be posted for reservations with a check-out date after the feature was activated.
    • Using unsupported variables
      The Auto-Review template must only contain the supported variables: {{guest}}, {{guest_first}}, and {{listing_address_city}}. 
    • The Listing is not connected to Airbnb
      Make sure the listing is connected between Guesty and Airbnb.


Learn more about how to set Auto Reviews.

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