The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

This article accompanies our step-by-step instructions for Creating Auto Tasks for guest stays and for owners' personal stays. During this process, you will be prompted to customize several fields. Read below about each field and how it affects the task.

Task template

Before setting up the scheduling of Auto Tasks, you'll need to create a template. This provides your team will all the details needed to perform the task, such as a description, checklist, attachments, and more, as well as the option to specify the task's assignees. 
Next to "Task template", select the relevant template from the drop-down. If you haven't yet created the template, you can learn how to do this here.

Type of stay

You can choose whether the Auto Tasks should be scheduled according to whether a reservation is a regular guest stay or a personal stay by one of your property owners:
  • Guest: Auto Tasks will be scheduled based on guest reservations.
  • Owner: As you may want to provide a different or more personalized experience for your property owners, you can schedule Auto Tasks based on owners' personal stays. Owner stays can be booked via Guesty's Owner's Portal by blocking dates on the property's calendar


You can provide the time frame for the task:
  • Specific time: You decide for the assignee of the task when to begin the task, based on a certain event in a reservation's life cycle. For example, "At check-out" or "2 hours before check-in". Next to "Schedule for", select the relevant items from the drop-downs.
  • Flexible time frame: The assignee of the task decides for themselves when to begin and complete the task - anytime between the "Can start from" and the "Must finish before" time frame set by you.
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