This article provides a short summary of the New York City regulations, however, property managers are encouraged to read all regulations applicable to their managed properties in full.
Guesty does not take responsibility for the compliance of regulations or the completeness or accuracy of any summary or article relating to regulations and encourages all property managers to review and comply with all country, state, and city regulations. 

In NYC, Airbnb only allows HSA listings to be API connected. See the full list of HSA listings here.

In accordance with Airbnb's policy, listings in New York City must comply with a minimum length of stay of 30 days. See below how this works with Guesty.

Connecting a new Airbnb account to Guesty

When connecting a new Airbnb account to Guesty, listings in New York City are not automatically imported.

If the Airbnb account contains listings in New York City, contact us before connecting the account. When doing so, ensure that each listing's minimum stay is set as 30 days or more, or send us documentation/licensing information to confirm that listing can be rented for a shorter period of time. We will contact Airbnb for approval.


If connecting an account before completing the above, Airbnb may automatically unlist your account's New York City listings.


Your Airbnb account is already connected to Guesty

If your Airbnb account is already connected to Guesty, you can import and publish New York City listings.

If the number of minimum nights set in Guesty is less than 30, the number will apply to all connected booking channels, except for Airbnb. It will automatically be set as 30 days in Airbnb.


Guesty is not responsible for the Customer’s compliance with any requirements under any laws (including local laws) or regulation regarding the Customer’s use of the Guesty Platform and to the management and rent of Properties or accommodating guests.
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