Assigning Multi-Unit Reservations: Best Practices

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Guesty provides the option to assign multi-unit reservations to sub-units automatically, or to assign reservations yourself manually. The option you choose depends on your property management business's strategy. Our best practices suggest effective ways to ensure reservations are assigned to their sub-units efficiently. See the information below.
Assigning reservations manually vs. automatically
You can easily see an overview of all upcoming, unassigned reservations by creating our recommended report. Learn more.


  • When assigning reservations to maximize occupancy, you may encounter blocked calendar dates that limit your options. For example, a reservation already checked into a sub-unit needs to be extended, but that sub-unit is blocked by an unallocated reservation for the same dates.
  • In case you receive a group reservation on, auto-assignment in this case will not be possible.
To unblock the dates, temporarily assign the unallocated reservation to another listing, such as a dummy property. This should open the calendar and allow you access to the dates and sub-units needed to assign or extend reservations.


Learn more about multi-unit listings in our overview article.

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