Guesty-Safely: Covering the Damage Waiver product fee

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Safely is a short-term rental insurance specialist that provides hosts and property management companies with a Damage Waiver product, aimed at protecting them from damages caused to their properties during guest stays.
You can cover the added billing cost for the Damage Waiver product in the following ways:
  • Add it as an additional fee on the booking channel: The fee will be added to the reservation, and the guest will see a clear line displaying the additional invoice item.
  • Add it to the accommodation fare in Guesty: Use a pricing application or Guesty's Revenue Management to increase the listing's base price so that the added cost is embodied in the accommodation fare.
  • Add it to the cleaning fee in Guesty: This will have a smaller impact on pricing and ranking compared to adding the added cost to the accommodation fare, as explained above.
  • Pass it to the owner: Ask the owner to "opt-in" to the Damage Waiver product and invoice them for the fee monthly, when you are billed by Safely. 
  • Hybrid approach: Combine any or all of the above approaches to spread out the added cost across the additional fee, accommodation fare, cleaning fee, and/or owner. For example, you have a $30 Damage Waiver fee:
    • The owner pays $15.
    • You pay $15, which you choose to cover by adding a $5 additional fee and adding $10 to the cleaning fee.


Guesty is not an insurance agency and does not offer or sell insurance. Insurance information on this site is provided by Guesty’s insurance partner, Safely. Property Damage Waivers are offered and sold by Safely, a licensed insurance producer. Please click here to contact Safely.
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