BnSellit Is an e-commerce platform that allows short term rental owners, managers, and operators to sell or rent items to your guests during each stay. With BnSellit, you can enhance the guest experience while generating incremental revenue with every stay.
This is a community partner, no integration with Guesty is required. Follow the steps below to set up a BnSellit account.


View the BnSellit website for ideas and inspirations for a short term rental marketplace.

Set Up BnSellit to Work with Guesty

Step by step:

  1. Download the BnSellit app on your phone.
  2. Add your items for sale or rent in BnSellit.
  3. Implant a link into your Guesty auto messages to promote your upsell items before the guest arrival or upon confirmation. 


Read more about BnSellit here. For more information, contact Bnsellit Support at

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