HotelAppz (CRM)

HotelAppz is a hotel-centric Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool that categorizes guests and allows custom marketing campaigns. Guests can be broken down in groups based on any available parameter. Customers can then create customized marketing campaigns that are targeted at specific guest groups.
Follow the instructions below to connect HotelAppz to Guesty.

Connect HotelAppz with Guesty

Step by step:

  1. Apply to register for a HotelAppz account through this link.
  2. Follow the onboarding process provided by HotelAppz.
  3. Upon request, provide HotelAppz with the Guesty API key token generated as per the steps below.

Copy the Guesty API key

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click
  3. Click Guesty Marketplace.
  4. On the HotelAppz thumbnail, click Connect.
  5. In the top right corner, click Connect.
  6. Click the API Key to copy it.
  7. Click Ok.
Read more about HotelAppz here. To book a demo, reach out to HotelAppz Sales's contact
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