Auto Tasks: Task Was Not Updated When the Reservation Changed

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When an Auto Task is scheduled to begin around the reservation's check-in or check-out, the task that is created based on the Auto Task's setup will automatically update if any change is made to the reservation's check-in or check-out time, accordingly.

However, if you edit the task's timing manually, changes made to the reservation's check-in or check-out time will no longer affect the task. The task's timing will not automatically update to match the reservation and will still be scheduled to begin according to the last manual update you made. Editing a task's timing means updating any of the following fields:
  • Switching between "Specific time" to "Flexible time frame".
  • For "Specific time":
    • Editing the "Start date".
    • Editing the "Start time".
  • For "Flexible time frame": 
    • Editing the "Can start from" date or time.
    • Editing the "Must finish before" date or time.
In this case, you will need to make another manual change to update the task's scheduling based on the reservation's update.
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