Uploading photos to Guesty: Recommendations and requirements

Follow the tips below to ensure that photos uploaded to Guesty are compliant with all booking channels' requirements and to achieve high quality images.


For Tasks, file limitations are up to 50 files per task, and up to 25MB per file.



The minimum resolution per photo supported by Guesty is 1280x720 px. We recommend using a resolution of 1920x1080 px for a full HD display. For Airbnb, the resolution cannot exceed 1920x1080px. A higher resolution will cause the listing to fail to connect.

File Size

We recommend a maximum file size of 6Mb per photo, due to file size limitations of our booking channels. For Airbnb, your file size should not exceed 4Mb as bigger files will cause the listing connection to fail.


We recommend uploading a minimum of ten photos per listing, to ensure it can be connected with all available booking channels.


You can use the following free third-party image optimization tools to compress your images:
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