Airbnb: Types of listing statuses

Once you've created your listing in your Guesty account, and published it to Airbnb or imported from Airbnb, you can easily see the listing's status.

Follow the status changes until you see it was successfully connected.

Listing status: Connected

This status means your listing was successfully published on Airbnb.
Updates and data will be pushed from Guesty to Airbnb and vice versa.

Listing status: Pending

This status means your listing is in the process of publishing.
Once completed, the status will change to Connected.

Contact us if the status remains "Pending" after 24 hours.
Learn more about why your Airbnb listing status is stuck on "Pending".

Listing status: Failed

This status means your listing failed to publish.

An error message will be displayed to the right of the status.

Connect again by clicking click Retry.
Learn how to troubleshoot "Failed" status issues/error messages when importing an Airbnb listing or publishing an Airbnb listing.

Listing status: Not Connected

This status means your listing in Guesty isn't connected to Airbnb yet.
Learn more about how to connect your Airbnb listing.

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