Switching from Vrbo via a Channel Manager to Guesty's Direct Connection

Guesty Lite users:

If you're connecting Vrbo after 19 Feb 2024, this information is not relevant. See here for Vrbo connection instructions.

You can connect your Vrbo account directly to Guesty. Follow the instructions below.
Want to switch more of your booking channels to our direct connections? Click here.

1. Request a Software Switch

Contact Vrbo's support team, or your Vrbo account manager if relevant, to request a software switch. Advise that you will be switching from your channel manager to a direct connection with Guesty. Vrbo will send a contract to be signed electronically.

2. Connect Vrbo to Guesty

Once a software switch has been requested, connect the Vrbo account to Guesty. 

3. Finalizing the Process with Vrbo

Vrbo will contact you to finalize the process, during which a document will be sent to map the listings. Complete the mapping process by matching the relevant Guesty listing IDs with the Vrbo listings. Send the document back to your Vrbo contact for verification. 


Vrbo will ask for your Guesty Advertiser ID. Learn how to locate this.


We recommend being as responsive as possible to Vrbo's requests during the software switching period to avoid automatic closure of the project by Vrbo.


After switching to the direct connection, reservations that were created via the channel manager are migrated to the direct connection. Messages sent from the Vrbo inbox by these guests are not expected to be received in Guesty, since these reservations are associated with the channel manager’s integration email. We recommend moving to email communication with these guests.

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