Managing Expedia properties connected to Guesty

Once you link an Expedia property with a Guesty listing you will be able to manage it in Guesty, but not entirely. Read the information below.

Manage in Guesty

The following can be managed in Guesty and the information will be updated in Expedia:

  • Availability, including Advance Notice
  • Rate plans, including cancellation policies
  • Communication

Manage in Expedia

The following must be managed in Expedia:

  • Updating and canceling reservations: Notification of reservations and updates made to them will be received in Guesty
  • Package/Corporate rate plans: These rate plans are supported by, but not managed, in Guesty. 
  • Property content, such as description, photos, amenities, and maximum number of guests
  • Additional fees and taxes
  • Promotions
  • Deposit per property
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