Vrbo error message: "You can't publish the listing" due to Auto Payment issues

The information in this article is relevant only for Guesty Lite users who started connecting Vrbo before 19 Feb 2024 and for Pro users.

In order to publish a listing to Vrbo, the following payment-related actions must be taken:
  • You must set up Auto Payment rules for each listing you want to publish.
  • You must set up the Auto Payments rules such that the full payment is collected before the guest checks out.
If you fail to do either of the above, you will encounter the following error message when trying to publish a listing to Vrbo: 
"You can't publish the listing because:
  • To integrate to Vrbo you must set a Guesty auto payment rule.
  • To comply, go to the listing: Automation > Auto Payments > Set up a "rest of payment" or "at confirmation".
To resolve this issue and prevent it from happening again learn how to set up Auto Payment rules on a listing and understand what a "rest of payment" rule is (see the collapsible titled "Prevent charging a guest incorrectly") and why collecting 100% of the payment "at confirmation" can be useful for Vrbo reservations (see the first bullet point in the "Ensure you receive the funds you are owed" collapsible).


If you choose to set up more than one Auto Payment rule instead of collecting 100% of the payment at once, make sure the sum total of the rules is 100% of the payment. Regardless, we strongly recommend making sure the last rule - in chronological order - is a "rest of payment" rule.

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