Understanding company information

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Guesty is required to obtain your business information in order to comply with global regulations. This information is fully compliant with privacy and GDPR regulations and will not be used for any other purpose. Read about the required information below.

Business type

Individual or business entity. A business entity is formed and administered as per corporate law, which engages in business activities, charitable work, or other permitted activities, and includes corporations, partnerships, trusts, and NGOs. An individual is one who has their own legal personality, an individual human being and is not formed or administered as per corporate law. 

VAT or company tax ID

The number used as an identifier for tax purposes. This may be referred to as a business number or fiscal registration number in your country.

Contact details

The contact information of the individual Guesty should contact in case more information is required.


If you cannot provide company information, provide your personal ID number instead.

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