Error message: Email address used in a different Guesty account

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If there are people helping you with your business, you can create a user for them in Guesty to communicate with them about their work and give them access to certain functionalities in your Guesty account.
When you add a user, you need to enter their email address to allow you to communicate with them. Your cleaning team, for example, will receive notification of cleaning tasks. If you get the following error message "email address used in a different Guesty account. Please choose a different email", it means you cannot use that email address because it is already being used as that team member's email in a different Guesty account.
If they still want to use that email, you can ask them to reach out to the account admin of the other account and ask them to remove their email. If that is not possible, you can use the email address with the addition of "+1" before the "@". For example, if the email address is "", enter "".
That user will continue signing in to the first Guesty account with "" and they will use "" to sign in to the second account, but all communication will arrive at the same inbox there are used to using.
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