Adding a user in Guesty: Explained

This article accompanies our instructions on how to add a user in Guesty. During this process, you will need to fill out some required information, such as the user's name and title, in order to send them an invite. Additional information regarding that user, such as uploading an image or specifying their preferred contact method, can also be added. Read below about each field and how they are used.

Inviting a new user

First name

Enter the user's first name. This field is mandatory.

Last name

Enter the user's last name. This field is mandatory.


Enter the user's email address. This field is mandatory.

When you add an email address for the first time, it is automatically starred, making it the user's primary address, with which they sign into Guesty.

After creating the new user, you can add another email address by clicking "Add email" under user Details. If you add more than one address for a user, you can star one of them making it the primary address for communication by hovering over it and clicking the star icon that appears. You can also delete an email by hovering over it and clicking trash icon.

The user can only sign in to Guesty with the starred email address, but if they respond to Customer Solutions in a ticket from another listed address a response will be sent to them, since the address is associated with a Guesty account.

Job title

Enter the user's job title in the company. This field is optional.

Role permissions

Assign permissions to the user to give them access to specific functionalities in Guesty. This field is mandatory.

Adding user information


Upload Image

Click "Upload image" to upload a picture to the user's profile. If a picture is not uploaded, the user's initials will appear instead, taken from the "First name" and "Last name" fields.

Once an image is uploaded, you can click the trash icon to delete it or "Replace image" to use a different picture.


Uploading a user's picture can help you recognize them quickly when selecting the assignee of a task, for example, from the list of possible assignees.


Add notes about the user.


Use groups to organize and segment users, allowing you to easily filter tasks, reservations, and more.


Enter the user's phone number: Click the flag to the left to change the area code.

When you add a phone number for the first time it is automatically starred, making it the user's primary number to which Automated Messages are sent via SMS.

You can add another number by clicking "Add phone". If you add more than one number for a user, you can change the primary number for communication by hovering over it and clicking the star icon. You can also delete a phone number by hovering over it and clicking the trash icon.

Preferred contact method

Choose how the user should be contacted: Email, SMS text, or phone call.

Do not disturb hours

Add the user's non-working hours if desired.

Display language

Choose the language in which the dashboard will appear for the user.


Click the drop-down arrows to select notifications for this user when specific events occur under each of these topics:

  • Payment
  • Reservations
  • Task
  • Channels
  • Nights limit

Roles & Permissions

Add, edit, or delete the user's roles.

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