Editing a rental agreement template

Create a rental agreement template that guests can fill in and sign electronically before their arrival. You can edit a template at any time. Follow the instructions below.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Guest experience mode.
  3. Click Documents, and select Agreements.
  4. Hover over the template you want to update and click the three dots that appear at the right end of the row. Based on your current needs, select Edit name or Edit fields.
  5. If you are editing fields, you can use the right toolbar to update existing fields or drag new fields from the left toolbar onto your document to personalize the template. For example:
    • Signature: This placeholder can be signed electronically by guests.
    • Date signed: The current date will populate when the agreement is completed by a guest. You can change the date formatting in the right toolbar.
    • Textbox: This allows you to add guest-specific details to the template. In the right toolbar, choose "assigned to sender" and select the relevant variables under "what text goes here". The variables will populate with information from the guest's reservation when the agreement is sent. You can see the full list of variables and what populates them below:
      Textbox variables
      Variable What will populate?
      {{listing}} Listing title
      {{listing_nickname}} Listing nickname (or title, if there is no nickname)
      {{listing_address}} Listing full address 
      {{listing_address_city}} Listing city (address) 
      {{guest}} Guest full name
      {{guest_first}} Guest first name
      {{guest_email}} Guest email
      {{guest_phone}} Guest phone number
      {{guest_hometown}} Guest hometown
      {{channel}} Reservation source
      {{currency}} Reservation currency
      {{weekdays_base_price}} Listing base price
      {{weekend_base_price}} Listing's weekend base price (or base price, if there is no weekend base price)
      {{cleaning_fee}} Reservation cleaning fee
      {{guest_included_in_price}} Number of guests included in the listing's base price
      {{extra_person_fee}} Listing fee for extra guests that are not included in the base price 
      {{security_deposit_fee}} Listing security deposit fee
      {{pet_fee}} Reservation pet fee
      {{accommodation_fare}} Reservation accommodation fare
      {{sub_total}} Reservation sub-total (not including taxes)
      {{tax}} Reservation total taxes
      {{total}} Host payout for the reservation
      {{balance_due}} Reservation balance due
      {{total_paid}} Money paid on the reservation
      {{reservation_taxes}} Reservation total taxes
      {{checkin}} Reservation check-in time
      {{checkout}} Reservation check-out time
      {{checkin_time}} Listing default check-in time
      {{checkout_time}} Listing default check-out time
      {{planned_arrival_time}} Reservation planned arrival time (or reservation check-in time, if there is no planned arrival)
      {{planned_departure_time}}  Reservation planned departure time (or reservation check-out time, if there is no planned departure)
      {{confirmation_code}} Reservation confirmation code
      {{adults_count}} Number of adults in the reservation (or number of guests, if there is no number of adults)
      {{children_count}} Number of children in the reservation
      {{infants_count}} Number of infants in the reservation
      {{nights_count}} Number of nights in the reservation
      {{guests_count}} Number of guests in the reservation
      {{occupancy}} Listing occupancy
      {{bedrooms}} Number of bedrooms in the listing
      {{beds}} Number of beds in the listing
      {{bathrooms}} Number of bathrooms in the listing
      {{confirmed_at}} Date when the reservation was confirmed
  6. Click Continue.


Want to start again? You can delete rental agreement templates at any time. 

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