Using the Rental Agreement editor

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Create a rental agreement template that guests can fill in and sign electronically prior to their arrival. When creating or editing a template, the rental agreement editor will open. Personalize the template by dragging a field from the left side of the editor and dropping it within the agreement. Use the toolbar on the right to customize the fields. See the most commonly used fields below.


Add a placeholder to the agreement that can be signed electronically by a guest. At least one Signature field should be added to the agreement. 


Want to add your own signature to the agreement? Include it in the template by adding your signature to the document that you upload to Guesty.


Use a Textbox field to automatically add personalized data to the agreement. Each Textbox can be populated with the relevant information when the agreement is sent to a guest. For example, add the guest's name, listing information, or other Custom Fields you created. Follow the instructions below.

Step by step:

  1. Drag the Textbox field from the left side to the relevant place on the agreement.
  2. In the toolbar on the right, check that the "Assigned To" field is set as Sender.
  3. Scroll down to "What text goes here?".
  4. Select the relevant item from the drop-down.


To capture details from guests in a text format, select the "Assigned To" field as Guest. The data captured is viewable on the signed agreement only.

Date signed

When using the Date Signed field, the current date is automatically entered when the agreement is completed by a guest. Choose the date formatting options in the toolbar on the right. 


To add a date next to your own signature in the template, add a Textbox and select confirmed_at from the "What text goes here?" drop-down. The reservation's confirmation date will be added.

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