Sending a rental agreement to a guest manually

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

Once you've created a rental agreement template, you can send it to guests to fill in and sign electronically before their arrival. You can send a rental agreement manually or automatically, in an automated message.

If you send the rental agreement manually, you will be able to send it to guests with confirmed reservations or pre-confirmed reservations, which are in "inquiry" or "reserved" status.

Follow the instructions below to send a rental agreement manually.


Some booking channels block links sent to guests if their reservation is not yet confirmed.

Step by Step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Guest experience mode.
  3. Click Documents, and select Agreements.
  4. In the Document manager, under the "Variable" column, click the desired variable to copy it.
  5. Paste the variable into a saved reply or a message in the Guesty Inbox.
Once the rental agreement is signed, the guest will receive a confirmation email containing a link to download it as a PDF, which will be active for seven days. If the file does not download when clicking the link, ask the guest to check their browser's settings to see if the download is being blocked.


A variable is in the following format {{agreement::agreementname}}. A link to the rental agreement is automatically generated inside the message when it's sent.


Once the rental agreement is sent, it will not update if the reservation is updated. If needed, you can create a new rental agreement.

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