Onboarding to Guesty: Operations

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Getting acquainted with Guesty's automation tools.

Final step: Operations

The final step in onboarding to Guesty is helping you manage your operations. From guest communication to listing management and helpful tools - Guesty can make your day easier. 



Listing management

Reservation management

General reservation management

Financial reservation management

Owners Portal

  1. Choose a URL for your Owners Portal website and:
    1. Add owners.
    2. Enable reservations for owners, to allow them to block off dates for personal stays.

Pre-stay tools

  1. Learn about the check-in form.
  2. Learn about rental agreements.



Learn about Advanced Analytics.


View our best practices catalogue for more information to manage your business efficiently with Guesty.

Congratulations! You have completed your onboarding journey. We hope this process has equipped you with the knowledge and skills you need to use Guesty efficiently.
Thank you for your time and be sure to check out our video to learn what comes next.


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