Auto Tasks: Overview

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Auto Tasks are tasks that are scheduled around and automatically triggered by a certain event in a reservation's life-cycle, such as check-in or booking confirmation. For example, to clean a property one hour after check-out or to meet a guest or property owner at their planned arrival time.
Get started by creating a template, which will provide your team with all the information they need to complete the task. Once created, you can set up the automated scheduling of the tasks. See information relevant to Auto Tasks below, or watch our video.



Create a task template

Before setting up the scheduling of the Auto Tasks, get started by creating a template. This provides your team will all the details needed to perform the task, such as a description, checklist, attachments, and more, as well as the option to specify the task's assignees. 

Set up the Auto Tasks' scheduling

Once you've created a template, you can set up its automated scheduling. Auto Tasks can be scheduled based on either guest reservations or personal stays by property owners, as you may want to provide a different experience depending on who is staying.


You can schedule Auto Tasks around a guest's "Planned arrival" and "Planned departure" times. If these times have not been added to a reservation or captured via Guesty's Check-in form, the property's default check-in and check-out times will be used instead.


Do you want to create a one-off task without automations? Click here.

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