Using Guesty to manage your extended stay listings

Complement your short-term rental business by offering extended stays. You can optimize your setup in Guesty to easily manage these listings. Start by adding tags to your listings that are available for a long-term stay. See the information below.

Tag your listings

You can add tags to listings to group similar properties together. Easily filter reports and messages for your longer stay offerings, customize automation settings, and more. Learn more.

Set up Airbnb listings for extended stays

Edit your listing's setup in Guesty for it to appear in Airbnb's "Monthly stays" search results. Learn more.

Change a Vrbo listing's booking settings

You can change your Vrbo listing's booking settings to be inquiry-based. This is useful if you have additional sources of reservations that are not connected to Guesty, or if you prefer/are required to host specific categories of guests. These include frontline workers, social distancers, and professionals looking to work from home. Learn more.
Filter your Inbox messages
Use filters in Guesty's Inbox to view the most relevant guest conversations. Learn how to view messages related only to your listings that are available for extended stays.

Automate your communication

Automate the sending of messages that you use repeatedly. Create and edit message templates that will be optimized for your extended stay listings. Learn more.

Manage tasks

Use Guesty's task management features to help you handle mid-stay cleanings and other revenue-generating services. Learn more.

Create manual reservations

You can create reservations manually in Guesty at any time. The listing's default pricing is automatically applied to the reservation. For reservations at listings available for extended stays, enter the pricing manually to reflect a longer stay.

Manage payments on extended stay reservations

You can record payments in Guesty as you go along, such as month by month.


Payments for Airbnb reservations are collected by Airbnb. For stays longer than 28 days, Airbnb pays hosts in installments, rather than upfront for the entire stay. See how to set up Airbnb listings for extended stays.


You can create a custom report for extended-stay reservations and use it to track the status of guest payments. Learn more.

Differentiate between the source of extended stay reservations (Pro users)

Easily differentiate between longer reservations, made via short-term rental booking channels, and those received via dedicated extended stay channels. To do so, add a custom field to your reservations, displaying their source. follow the instructions here.

Using check-in form for extended stay reservations

Choose whether to send the Check-in Form to guests with regular short-stay reservations or for extended stays. Learn more.

Using rental agreements for extended stay reservations

Send different rental agreements based on whether or not the reservation is an extended stay. Learn more.
Guesty is not responsible for the Customer’s compliance with any requirements under any laws (including local laws) or regulation regarding the Customer’s use of the Guesty Platform, and to the management and rent of Properties or accommodating guests.


Learn more in our Extended Stays Guesty webinar.

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