Changing a Listing's Published Address

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For each listing in Guesty, you can set two types of addresses - the listing address and the published address. If you set the published address, it will appear instead of the listing address on the booking channels, the Booking Website, and quotes that are sent to the guest through our inbox or multi-calendar.
Follow the instructions below to set the published address.

Step by step:


Beta navigation users, please note that the steps below refer to the navigation as seen in the Legacy mode. Read more here about locating menu items in the new navigation.

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top menu, click Listings.
  3. Click the relevant listing.
  4. In the listing's menu, click Marketing.
  5. Under "Published address", begin typing the new address. 
  6. From the drop-down, select the relevant address .

If an unrecognized address is entered, a pop-up will appear. To save this address, activate the checkbox and click "Confirm". It will be saved for use in Guesty, but will not be updated in the connected booking channels. This can be done if a valid address is already published to the booking channels.

Contact us if the desired address does not appear in the drop-down and you would like it to appear in the connected booking channels.

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