Why am I not seeing my messages on Expedia Partner Central?

Once you link an Expedia property to Guesty, messages sent from the Guesty inbox should appear in Expedia Partner Central. If you aren't seeing your messages there, it could be for one of the following reasons:
  1. Perhaps Expedia did not provide the correct email address. If Expedia provided an email ending in @m.expediapartnercentral.com, the message should appear on Expedia Partner Central. Check the guest's email address you have saved in Guesty to clarify. If the email address does not end in @m.expediapartnercentral.com, contact Expedia.
  2. The reservation was canceled before the guest saw their messages. Once a reservation is canceled, messages will no longer be displayed on Expedia Partner Central, unless the guest viewed the message before the reservation was canceled. Check if the reservation was canceled, and if so, check when the message was sent.
  3. Messages can only be seen on Expedia Partner Central for 45 days after check-out.
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