In Guesty, you can choose between several third-party providers that generate keycodes for your guests, such as Lynx and Aurmur.

Most partners populate the keycode in Guesty under the "keycode" field, but some might populate the "notes guest" field, and it usually takes up to 1 hour after confirmation for the keycode to generate and appear in Guesty.

If an automated message is sent after confirmation without the keycode, check if the keycode exists in Guesty under the fields mentioned above - "keycode" or "notes guest". You can find them in the guest widget of the inbox or the "Guest" section on the reservation page:

  1. If you do not see the keycode, check when the reservation was confirmed:
    • If it was confirmed less than 1 hour ago your third-party provider may not have had enough time to generate the keycode
      We recommend changing the sending time of the message to 2-3 hours after confirmation, to give the keycode enough time to appear in Guesty.
    • If it was confirmed more than 1 hour ago, contact us
  2. If you do see the keycode, check if it was added to the message correctly.
    If someone typed in, it could have been written wrong.
    1. In the relevant message, add the keycode variable in a separate line by clicking +Add variable.
      This will add the variable in its correct form. Compare the new variable to the one that already exists in your message:
      • If the variables are not identical, the keycode variable was added incorrectly
        Remove the existing variable and replace it with the new one.
      • If the variables are identical, the keycode variable was added correctly and you should contact us
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