Agoda connection checklist

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The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

Before connecting Agoda to Guesty, we suggest reading the following information.
  • Guesty supports Agoda Homes accounts, not YCS accounts.
  • Availability, rates, minimum nights, and reservations can be managed directly in Guesty.
  • It is not possible to connect listings located in Central or South America.
  • Agoda accepts customers from the following states in the United States:






    South Carolina


  • The property types in Agoda should be set as Apartment, Villa, Bungalow, or House. Serviced Apartments and Hotels are currently not supported. Also, Agoda doesn't support Multi-Units and Complexes.
  • The taxes and fees set in Agoda should match those in Guesty exactly.
  • Changes to a listing's information, such as address and pictures, should be updated both in Guesty and Agoda.
  • The listings in Agoda should be set as Instant Booking.
  • Reservations from the last 90 days are imported. Older reservations will show up as blocked dates in Guesty's calendar.
  • The extra person fee in Guesty does not push through to Agoda. Any extra person fee including markup needs to be set up directly in Agoda.
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