Viewing an owner's personal stays in the Inbox

The Owners Portal is a website, separate from the Guesty dashboard, where your property owners can view data about their properties, earnings, block dates for their own personal stays, and more.

When an owner blocks dates through the Owners Portal, the reservation will appear in the owner's Inbox.

Follow the instructions below to view this information in the Inbox.


Viewing an owner's stay in the Inbox


Guesty users that have Admin Permission Roles or are set to receive system emails will also receive a notification by email.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click .
  3. In the left sidebar, click Owner's inbox.
  4. Under "All conversations" to the left, click the relevant thread.
  5. A confirmation message is displayed as an internal note in the center panel.
    You can view information in the Inbox widget on the right.


Owner stays are also shown as blocked dates on a property's calendar. They aren't displayed in the Reservations section in Guesty — this section displays guests' reservations only.
You can also help owners create, edit, or cancel personal stays via the Owners Portal.

Email notifications

Both you and your owner will receive automated emails for the following:

  • Owner reservation confirmation
    An email notification will be triggered when the owner creates a personal stay via the Owners Portal.
  • Owner reservation updates
    An email notification will be triggered when the owner updates their personal stay via the Owners Portal
  • Owner reservation cancellation
    An email notification will be triggered when the owner cancels a personal stay via the Owners Portal.


These types of automated email notifications your owner will receive can't be deactivated, edited, or changed.
You can also create specific Auto Messages for owners or send an owner statement to an owner.

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