Benefits of Choosing Instant Book Settings for Airbnb Listings

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Once connected, you can update an Airbnb listing's booking settings in Guesty. Change the settings from non-instant to instant booking at any time, and listings can be reserved by guests without approval needed. See the benefits of choosing instant book settings below.


The settings will apply to all available dates in the calendar.

  • Save time. No need to communicate with guests before a reservation is made.
  • Receive a higher number of reservations. Guests can filter search results to view listings that can be booked instantly; no waiting for a reply or confirmation.
  • Improve a listing's placement in search results by positively increasing your response rate.
  • Increase the chances of becoming an Airbnb Superhost as a high response rate is required.


Define requirements for guests who will be eligible to make an instant booking, such as a government issued ID or recommendations from other hosts. To enable exclusive Airbnb functionality, follow these instructions.

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