Published address is correct in Guesty, but not in Airbnb


Please note, Airbnb has deprecated the option to change your sync settings on their platform.

  • All new listings will automatically be set to "Sync everything"
  • Your current sync settings will remain the same (either "Limited" or "Sync everything")
    If you'd like to change your listing's sync settings, please contact us.

There are two different reasons for why your published address in Guesty might not sync with the address in Airbnb.

Follow the troubleshooting instructions below to customize your listing's map location, so that the addresses match in both Guesty and Airbnb.

Scenario 1: Listing is already published

Airbnb doesn't allow you to change a listing's address once it's been published.
If you would like to change a listing's address after it has been published, you'll need to contact Airbnb directly.

Scenario 2: Listings without any previous, existing, or future reservations

When you import or publish your Airbnb listing, there might be a discrepancy with your location, since Guesty and Airbnb use different location systems to identify addresses.
Since Airbnb has a specific navigation software that doesn't sync with other mapping systems, your listing's published address might appear as correct in Guesty, but not on Airbnb.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Option 1
    1. Update the listing's address, and try to write your address in a different way to see if Airbnb will recognize the address.

      For example: If your address is “123 S. Main St.”, try entering it as “123 South Main Street”.

  • Option 2
    If you'd like to make sure the address is accurate and valid in Airbnb, then we recommend changing your sync settings to "Limited".
    1. If the listing's current sync settings in Guesty is set to "Everything", you'll need to contact us to change it to "Limited".
    2. Follow these Airbnb instructions to turn on the Specific location toggle for the listing.
    3.  Contact us to change your sync settings back to "Everything".
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