Assign Contacts to Reservations

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This information refers to the first version of Guesty's Reservation page. 
The "assign contacts to reservations" feature is exactly as it sounds. You can assign any contact to your cleaning or check in appointments, and you can do so for each reservation individually. By assigning contacts to reservations, you are able to then customize your bookings reports by displaying only the reservations assigned to any particular contact. 

Assigning a contact

Within the reservation screen, you simply choose any contact you wish to either cleaning, check in or check out. 

What happens after you assign a contact?

Using the reporting system, you can customize the reports to include cleaning and check in assignees.

Option A: Include Assignee in a Report

You can adjust the reports columns to include the data that is relevant for you. In the Assignment section there are two checkboxes - “Check In Assignee” and “Cleaning Assignee”. Ticking these checkboxes will include the various assignees' names in new columns.

Option B: Filter Reports Based on a Contact

Filters change which reservations you will see in each report, such as; name of listing, city, and more. There are two filters related to this feature - “Check-In Assignee” and “Cleaning Assignee”. For each one of these filters, you can choose a name of contact and see only the reservations to which the contact is assigned.
This is particularly useful if you want to save and share reports with your contacts.
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