Syncing an account-level additional fee to your booking channels

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Currently, additional fees can only be synced to Airbnb,, TripAdvisor and Vrbo. Some fee combinations are not supported by booking channels. Additionally, channels have different limitations when syncing additional fees.  When editing or adding a new fee, please confirm that it did not stop the syncing of any existing fee in place.

Additional fees that are created for your Guesty account can be synced to your booking channels for added pricing transparency with potential guests. Once you set up an additional fee, follow the instructions to sync it to all of the booking channels you are connected to that support it.

Fees that are synced with Vrbo (see Apply fee to channels below) will be collected by existing Auto Payment rules. This includes instant and non-instant book reservations and Vrbo reservations made through Rentals United. You can learn more about setting up auto payment rules in our best practices.

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Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Financials mode.
  3. Click Financial settings, then select Additional fees.
  4. In the top-right corner, click Edit.
  5. Click the relevant additional fee.
  6. Turn on the Apply fee to channels toggle.
  7. In the top-right corner, click Save.
  8. In the resulting pop-up, click Confirm. By confirming, you are verifying that you have reviewed your entire additional fee setup and are allowing Guesty to update your fee configuration and amounts across the relevant booking channels.
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