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The footer is the last section of your site, located at the bottom, and is the same on each page of your site. Footers are a convenient way to make sure your site visitors have access to important links like terms of service, privacy policy, or social media, regardless of the page they are visiting. In addition to legal links, the footer is a good place for copyright information and general contact information.

Customize the Footer

While the footer is its own section, the contents can be edited just like pages. By default, there will be at least one row. If there is only one row, the row will not have the option to be deleted.

To customize the footer section design:

  1. Hover over the top of the footer, and click Footer.
  2. On the Style tab, adjust the footer background by selecting a color or an image. You can also select a border style and thickness.
  3. To adjust the padding or margin, click the Spacing tab.

Hide Footer

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