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Advanced Website: OpenTable reservation buttons

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time. For information about booking websites for Lite users, refer to the Guesty Booking Engine

The OpenTable widget adds a reservation button that connects with your existing OpenTable account. It enables visitors to make a reservation directly from your site.

For more information about different editing options for all widgets, see Edit widgets.

Add OpenTable reservation buttons

To add an OpenTable button to your site:

  1. In the left panel, click Widgets.
  2. Click and drag the OpenTable widget into your site.

Content editor

  1. Type the Text on button in the field provided.
  2. To find your restaurant, select a region from the drop-down and type your OpenTable Restaurant ID.
  3. Too add multiple locations, click + Add location.

Design editor

To access the design editor, right-click the widget, and click Edit Design. For information about design options that are not specific to this widget (for example, layout, style, or spacing), see Widget design.

You can also make edits to button design by using the global button design menu.

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