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Advanced Website: List widget

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time. For information about booking websites for Lite users, refer to the Guesty Booking Engine

The List widget allows you to display content in one of several pre-formatted layouts, making it easy to organize information or content for your site visitors.

For more complex lists consider using the restaurant menu widget or building the list with rows columns and other elements.

To add the List widget:

  1. In the left panel, click Widgets.
  2. Click and drag the List widget into your site.

To learn more about adding widgets to your site, see Add widgets.

Content editor

To access the content editor:

  1. Right-click the widget, and click Edit Content.
  2. Select to include an Image element and Link element to be associated with each item on your list.
  3. Click Build your list to start adding content.
  4. Click Add Item to add additional items to the list.
  5. Type a title in the Main list title field provided.
  6. Click an existing list item to open the List Settings. You have the following options:
    • + Image. Click to add an image.
    • Item label. Type the item label. To hide the label, click the eye () icon.
    • Description. Type a description for the item. To hide the description, click the eye () icon.
    • Add link. Click and select the type of link you want to add to the item.
    • Text on link. Type the text to display on the link. To hide the text on the link, click the eye () icon.
  7. Re-order the list items by clicking and dragging on the 3 dots to the left of each item.
  8. To return to the first page and set if links and images are displayed, click click here to change elements.

Design editor

To access the design editor, right-click the widget, and click Edit Design.

  • Click the Layout tab to select a layouts for the list.
  • Click List Title, Item Title, Item Description, or Link to control the text styling for those fields.
  • Click Image to modify the images border and give images rounded edges.
  • Click Divider to select from several different divider styles.

For information about design options that are not specific to this widget (for example, layout, style, or spacing), see Widget Design.

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