Checklist: Connecting Airbnb listings with Guesty

You can create a listing in Guesty and publish it to Airbnb (Pro users only) or create a listing in Airbnb and import it into Guesty.
Use our checklist below to make sure your listing meets the requirements before connecting it with Guesty.


Before you begin

Below is some important information to note before you connect your listings to Guesty:

  • Airbnb removes all calendar notes once a listing is connected with Guesty
  • All listings may be reviewed by Airbnb for quality purposes


Basic requirements

Your listings must meet Airbnb's basic requirements. See the requirements below.

  • At least 7 photos
  • At least 3 photos with high resolution (800 x 500 pixels)
  • 5 or more amenities
  • Titles must be 1-50 characters long and must include information relevant to the listing type
  • All caps, repetitive words, emojis, and symbols are not allowed in listing titles
  • Between 50 and 500 characters in the summary field
  • Email addresses, website links, phone numbers, emojis, repetitive special characters, and all caps are not allowed in a listing's description fields


Financial requirements

Ensure that each Airbnb listing adheres to the following financial requirements:

  • The default weekend price must be between 10 and 25,000 USD
  • Set your base price or custom price to a value higher than or equal to $10 USD but less than $100,000 USD (or corresponding value in currencies other than USD).


If you have set a default markup for your Guesty account, you must also apply it to each relevant listing individually to ensure the markup continues to be applied.


Additional fees

  • Check that your additional fees are not higher than your base price, since this will prevent your listing from being validated by Airbnb
    For example: For example: If your base price is $100, your pet fee must be between $0 USD to $99 USD (or the corresponding value in currencies other than USD).
  • The security deposit must be between $100 and $5,000 USD
  • The minimum cleaning fee is $5 USD, and the maximum cleaning fee is $600 USD + 25% of the nightly price
    The fee will only sync if it complies with the following rules:
    • If the base price is less than $600, then the cleaning fee must be between $5 to $600

    • If the base price is more than $600, then the cleaning fee must be less than $600+25% of the daily price (base rate for one night)

      For example: Let’s say you set your cleaning fee to $700 per stay, and the nightly rate is $325 (Min 2 nights).

      1. For 2 nights, the nightly rate total will be $650.
        In this case, the fee won’t sync because it doesn’t comply with the following rules:
      2. The cleaning fee ($700) cannot be higher than the base rate ($650).
        In this case, $700 is higher than $650, which is the sum of the two-night rule set.
        1. The minimum cleaning fee can be between $5-$600 USD+25% of the daily price.

          The calculation for $600+25% of the daily price:
          $650 for 2 nights = $325/night
          $325*25% = $81.25
          $600+$81.25 = $681.25

      In this scenario, the cleaning fee must be less than $681.25.

  • If you have an extra person fee, make sure that the value is between $5 and $300 USD (or equivalent to these amounts in a different currency)


Learn more about resolving publishing and/or importing errors.


Items to edit in Airbnb

It is not currently possible to edit the description in other languages in Guesty. Please edit these items in Airbnb.
However, you can import a listing in a different language.


You must enter your Host identity verification information on Airbnb in the Airbnb dashboard. If this information is not entered, Airbnb functionalities will be limited.


Unsupported locations

Connecting listings in the following areas is not possible due to strict regulations. See the list of locations below.

  • Jersey City (NJ) in the United States
  • Singapore


Airbnb Luxe listings

Airbnb Luxe listings can be connected to Guesty. See below how the listing's settings will be affected.


Sign in to Airbnb to change the booking settings, if relevant.

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