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Google Reviews displays every review of your company. It provides a simple and easy-to-use dashboard where you can select the location and it will display the reviews using a widget. Google Reviews helps bring more credibility to your website. By seeing how authentic your company's reviews are, users will want to share your company with others and leave their own review, which increases the audience reach.


Google Reviews is only available through the App Store and is free.

Resale Pricing Recommendations

While the app is free, we recommend that web professionals and agencies up charge clients for design, customization, and content editing in their monthly fee.


Easy to Set Up

Our Google Reviews widget is so easy to set up, you just need to sign in with your Google account.

Choose Among Businesses

One or more businesses may be associated with your Google account, and you may need to use several of them. With our Google Reviews app, you can choose several companies to present, or even all!

Awesome Layouts

There are 3 different layouts presented in Google Reviews, with more updates to come! You can easily change your widgets look with these layouts.

Device Responsiveness

Users can view the Google Reviews widget from any device, and its layout will adjust to its screen size. This allows your website users to leave a review from their phone.

Common Questions

What is a Google Review?
An incredible way of showing the world what people are saying about your business.
How can we connect to Google Review?
You must connect your business to your Google My Business account, and then once you sign up for the Google Review app dashboard, the app will retrieve all of the location(s) and display all of the reviews based on location(s) you selected.
Are there limitations on the amount of accounts under one login?
Yes, Google accounts that manage more than 1 profile aren't able to be used (the account must only manage one Google My Business profile). If you have multiple accounts under one login, we recommend ungrouping the business and creating a separate login for it.
What if we have 2 or more locations?
All of the location from your GMB account will be pulled by the app.
Does the Google Reviews App pull private data?
No, the app pulls basic information of your GMB and not your private data.
How responsive is Google Reviews?
Google Reviews is responsive on both computer, tablet, and mobile screens.
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