Adding a pet fee to an Airbnb listing

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Pet fees are one of Airbnb's "additional fees" that you can add to your account or a specific listing in Guesty.

  1. First, you'll need to sync this fee with Airbnb.
  2. Then, you can add the fee to your entire Guesty account or to a listing's additional fees and charges


In order to update the listing on Airbnb to not allow pets, you must disable the pet fee sync settings in Guesty (turn the Are pets allowed? off in the "House rules" editing page.


Syncing a pet fee with Airbnb


Airbnb doesn't require a pet fee for service animals.
Learn more in Airbnb's help center.

Follow the guidelines below to properly sync your Pet Fee with Airbnb.

  • The listing must be pet-friendly.
    Edit the listing's house rules, and make sure to turn on the "are pets allowed" toggle and mark the "charges may apply" checkbox.
  • The pet fee will sync with Airbnb—meaning it will only be applied to the reservation when a guest marks that they are bringing a pet on Airbnb.
  • The fee must be lower than the listing's base price.
  • The fixed-rate option (which will be charged "per stay") is the only rate that will sync between Guesty and Airbnb.


Pets fees on invoices

Here are some important things to know about pet fees and invoices:
  • The pet fee is incorporated into the nightly price, and not presented individually to the guest
  • This is a flat fee that isn't affected by the number of pets the guest brings
  • The fee cannot be higher than the nightly price
  • Although the fee isn't presented to the guest, the pet fee will be part of the breakdown in the Guesty invoice
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