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Chekin automates the entire check-in process, from booking till check-out. It allows you to save time, money, and comply with the legal requirements by managing everything online: guest registration and identification, digital sign, online payments, remote access, data sending to authorities, deposits, tourist taxes, upselling, and much more.


You can currently connect listings in Belgium, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Dubai, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Austria is partially supported.

1. Connecting Chekin to Guesty

If you are already a Chekin user, you will need to create a new Chekin account. You can download all the documentation from the old account and then connect to Chekin via Guesty. Contact Chekin in order to delete your former account.
  1. Register for a new Chekin account.
  2. Follow the instructions here to connect Chekin to Guesty.
Once connected with Chekin and after your properties are registered, you can send unique registration links to guests - Checkin will send the links to Guesty. You can find them with the custom variable “chekinregistrationlink”. Please add this link to your Auto Messages so your guests will receive them.


Since the custom field might be completed by Chekin a few minutes after the reservation is confirmed, avoid timing the Automated Messages to be sent by reservation confirmation.
In this case, Guesty and Chekin suggest you do 1 of these 2 options:

  • Use a follow-up Auto message: "1 hr after reservation confirmation". The first message set at reservation confirmation should be amended to say: "We will send you a link soon";

  • You can set up a more elaborate flow for last-minute reservations:

    • Use the two messages approach( like in #1)

    • For reservations made in advance - you can always send the confirmation email 1 hour after check-in, without the second message.


Chekin automatically sends a registration link to guests. Sign in to Chekin to deactivate this option, as the link should only be sent via Guesty.

3. Seeing if Guests have Completed Chekin Registration

Has the registration link been sent? Easily see if it has been completed by guests.
Chekin creates a custom field named “Chekinallguestsregistered” which will inform you in real time when all guests of the same reservation have completed the online registration. You may use the information in this field to set up an Auto Message to be sent.
You will find the guests' data (Name, last name, sex, birth date) as a note in the Inbox thread of each relevant booking.
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