Creating a One-Time Task: Explained

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This article accompanies our instructions for creating a one-time calendar-based task. During this process, you will be prompted to customize several fields. Read below about each field and how they affect the task.


"Name" is the only field required to create a task. All other fields are optional.


Name the task: This will help you and your team identify it.


You can provide the time frame for the task:
  • Specific time: You decide for the assignee of the task when to begin the task - at the "Start date" and "Start time" set by you.
  • Flexible time frame: The assignee of the task decides for themselves when to begin and complete the task - anytime between the "Can start from" date and time and the "Must finish before" date and time set by you.
You can also add the "Planned duration" of the task:
  • Schedule and prioritize tasks more efficiently based on the estimated task length.
  • Set expectations with the assignee regarding task length.


Select Does not repeat from the drop down, since this is not going to be a recurring task.

Task Details

You can add free text to provide your team more information about the task. 


You can create a task to-do list: Click Add item to create the list. You can re-reorder individual items when needed by clickingand dragging the item to a different spot on the list. 


You can add files to provide your team important information about the task: Click Upload and select the relevant files or drag and drop files from a folder on your computer.


You can set the priority of the task: From the drop-down, select Low, Medium or High.


You can assign the task to your team: Under "Assignee", select Member to assign the task to a specific person, or Group to assign the task to a group of users. A member of the group can then assign the task to themselves. Select the relevant option from the drop-down.


You can assign a supervisor to the task: From the drop-down under "Supervisor", select the relevant option. 

Applies to

You can specify whether the task relates to a reservation or a property:
  • To apply it to a reservation, click Reservation under "Applies to" and select the relevant option from the drop-down.
  • To apply it to a property, click Property under "Applies to" and choose one of the following options:
    • All will apply the task to all existing and future properties. If needed, you can exclude specific properties.
    • By rule will apply the task to existing and future properties that match one of the cities you select and at least one of the tags. If needed, you can exclude specific properties that would otherwise match this combination of cities and tags.
    • Specific will apply the task to specific properties.
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