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Information By InsuraGuest

Disclaimer: insurance information below is provided by InsuraGuest, a licensed insurance agency. Please click here for more information about InsuraGuest.
InsuraGuest is a leading short-term rental insurance for your business, property, and guests. InsuraGuest’s insurance policy contains specific components written exclusively for the vacation rental industry to give you the custom protection at a competitive price. There is no cost to enroll and connect. Cancel any time.
Summary of Coverage:
  • Homeowner’s insurance per quote.
  • Supplemental guest insurance available through Guesty
  • $25,000 No-fault primary accidental medical coverage for guests
  • $25,000 Property and contents damage coverage for owners
  • $2,500 Theft coverage for owners and guests
For InsuraGuest product and pricing information and how to sign up, click here.


This is a community partner with Guesty, no integration is needed. 

Connect Your Guesty Properties

Step by step

  1. In InsuraGuest. click Sign up.
  2. Select Guesty as your property management system.
  3. Select the desired coverage.
  4. Add your properties. When all properties that need coverage are added, click I’m Done.
  5. Add your name and payment details.
  6. In the upper right, click Pay & Subscribe.
    • You will see a pop-up stating “you’ve got covered”.
    • You will also receive an email with your credentials and coverage details. Once you receive this email, your added properties are covered.
  7. To pass the coverages cost onto guests, follow these instructions: InsuraGuest + Guesty
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