Mobile App overview: Multi-Calendar

The Guesty mobile app allows you to enjoy many of our desktop features while on the go.

Tap at the bottom of the app to open the Multi-Calendar.

Below the actions you can take via Multi-Calendar in Guesty's mobile app.

Infinity scrolling

A quick and frictionless experience to view all your listings in the Multi-Calendar, infinity scrolling has replaced separate pages for displaying multiple listings.

Date range view

The date range view in the Multi-Calendar has been expanded from one month to two months.

Use the search feature to locate a listing.

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Enter the relevant listing's name or nickname in the search box.
  3. Tap Search.

Filter listings

View the most relevant listings by adding filters to the Multi-Calendar.

Filter your listings by city, listing tags, and whether or not the properties are listed in the connected booking channels.

  1. Tap to open the options.
  2. Select the relevant filters.
  3. Rap Apply.

View Multi-Calendar in landscape view

Rotate your mobile device to switch to landscape view and view up to twice as many calendar days at a time.

Create a reservation

Tap on the Create a Reservation button to add a new reservation to your calendar.

View a reservation summary

Tap and hold reservations on the Multi-Calendar to view a brief pop-up summary of the reservation.
In the pop-up, tap  to view the full reservation details.

View reservations

Tap a reservation on the Multi-Calendar to view the reservation in full.

View a listing's details

Tap a listing name on the Multi-Calendar to open the listing's details.

Change nightly rates

You can manually change a nightly rate on a listing via Multi-Calendar.

Block dates manually

Manually block available nights directly via Multi-Calendar.

Multi-unit expand/collapse sub-units

Tap the arrow to the right of a multi-unit to expand or collapse the sub-units displayed in the Multi-Calendar.

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