Choosing which data is displayed in the Owners Portal

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

Some owners might want a deeper understanding of what’s going on with their property, which is why they have the ability to view certain data via the Owners Portal.

Use the "Display Information" section in the Owners Portal settings to manage and choose what data is displayed to each property owner on their Owners Portal.

Below we'll review the different types of data options in the "Guest Contact Details" section and “Display Information” section that can be viewed on the Owners Portal.

Guest Contact Details (general settings for all owners)

You can choose to display/hide certain guest information in the Owners Portal via the Portal Settings page.

These settings are for the Reservation Tooltips feature (all guests' full names) and the Guests Report tab (all guests' full name, phone, and/or email).


The "Display Information" section

On the owner's editing page, you can select an owner and specify which metrics your owners will be able to view about their properties and guests.

The data you enabled will appear in both the My Properties tab and Analytics page.


In the "My Properties", metrics are displayed per month, while the "Analytics" page will show data per year.
The calculation will be the same, regardless of which date range is selected.

"My Properties" tab

"Analytics" page


Analytics page

The Analytics page displays data on a yearly basis (per year), and will only show the metrics that you select to display (average nightly rate, booked nights, etc.). You can also download the Analytics as a CSV file.

Owners can search for a property's performance data in the Analytics page by either parent-unit, sub-unit, or both.

Properties are displayed alphabetically and by hierarchy — meaning that complex/multi-units and their sub-units will be grouped and displayed together, so that the owner can easily select them as a whole.

Booked nights

This displays the number of nights each property is currently blocked by reservations within the selected time period.

For example: In the month of August 2023, 24 nights are blocked by reservations.


Owner's revenue

This allows your property owner to view their earnings.
Depending on the calculation model (Business model definition/Revenue share formula), calculations may include the accommodation fare, channel commissions, and discounts.


For canceled reservations:
Depending on the listing’s cancellation policy, revenue from a canceled reservation may be accounted for and displayed in the owner’s revenue.

If you have Guesty's Accounting feature, we’ll calculate the owners' share according to the business model being defined in the Accounting settings.

If you aren't using the Accounting feature, we’ll determine the owner’s share by using the Revenue Share formula.
Revenue Share formulas recognize revenue based on calendar dates.

For example:
A reservation from May 25th - June 5th will be divided into revenue for May and for June.

This may differ from a property manager’s reports—such as, if these reports use the check-in date as the recognition trigger. In this case, all the revenue will be shown in May’s report.



This allows your property owner to view how occupied or vacant their property is.

The Occupancy percentage metric is calculated by dividing the number of booked nights by the number of bookable nights (both booked and available for booking).


Average nightly rate

This allows your property owner to view the average price of each night.

The average cost of staying at the property is calculated by dividing confirmed revenue (revenue coming from confirmed reservations only) by confirmed reservations.

"My Properties" tab

"Analytics" page


Revenue Per Available Listings (RevPAL)

This allows your property owner to view how well the property is performing each month.

This metric is measured by multiplying the Average Nightly Rate by Occupancy.


Accommodation fare


In order for this metric to be displayed, you must first enable either the Show reservation tooltips or the Activate guests report feature.

This allows your property owner to view the total accommodation fare per reservation in the "My Properties" and/or "Reservation Report" tabs (like in the images below).

For direct bookings (like the Guesty Website), the accommodation fare will be the total cost of staying at the property — not including rates, discounts, fees, and promotions.
The net accommodation fare isn't supported.

For external booking channel reservations, the total accommodation fare will appear the same as in that specific channel.

Reservation Tooltip

Reservation report


Display language

Here, you can set the default language for each one of your owners, and provide them with a fully localized experience — including receiving Owners-Portal-related emails (e.g., invitation, password reset, etc.).

The Owners Portal is currently available in the following languages: English (MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY), Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (BR), and Spanish.

Each owner will also have the option to change their preferred language from the My Profile page in their Owners Portal.

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