Creating and editing an owner

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Whether it’s to keep track of your property owners or to give them special permissions for their properties, you can add an owner directly in Guesty.

An "owner" is a property owner that you and/or your team manage. You can also manage the Owners Portal settings for your owners to use via Guesty.

The Owners Portal is a separate website for your property owners, powered by Guesty.
There, owners will be able to view data about their properties and earnings, block dates for personal stays, and more.
Learn more about activating and setting up your Owners Portal here.

Adding or editing an owner


If you’re using Guesty’s Accounting feature, you can only assign 1 owner per listing.
Learn more about adding multiple owners per listing here.

Follow the instructions below to set up an owner.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top menu, hover over People, and click Owners.
  3. Add a new one or select an existing owner.
    • To add an owner, click New Owner (in the top-right corner) .
    • To edit an existing owner, click the relevant owner’s name in the Owners List.
  4. In the "Details" tab fill in or update any information for the required and relevant fields.
    • Personal information (required)
      Add the owner's first and last name, contact information, address, and photo, and assign listings to them.
      Learn more about troubleshooting an owner’s email address below.
    • Owners Portal access (optional)
      The Owners Portal is optional and can also be activated and set up in the future. Learn more about activating and setting up the Owners Portal here.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Follow the steps below to save an owner’s bank details.

Adding or editing accounting information (optional)

You can save an owner’s bank details as soon as you create and add an owner, or go back and edit their accounting information later.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top menu, hover over People, and click Owners.
  3. Click on the relevant owner you’d like to edit.
  4. Click the Accounting information tab.
  5. Add/edit the owner's:
  6. Click Save.

Troubleshooting error message: "Email address already used"

If you’re unable to add an owner’s email address, the owner may already be registered in the Guesty system.

To resolve this, add +1 before the @ sign in the email address.
For example:


The extension to the email address can be any combination of numerical and alphabetical characters (+123abc, +abc123, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, etc.).
We suggest starting with +1, then continuing to +2, and so on.

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