Advanced Website: Configure alternate domains

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After a custom domain has been set up for your site, you can forward other domains you own to the domain you set up. This feature may be useful if you have recently changed your domain name or would like to forward other top-level variants of your domain (for example, .net, .org) to your main site.
After setting up a custom domain for your site and waiting for it to propagate, in the side panel, click Settings, and then click Site Domain.

To forward one or more domains to your site:

  1. Add the appropriate DNS records in the DNS settings of the domain or domains you will be forwarding (this step is carried out in the DNS settings of the domain's host, for example GoDaddy).
  2. In the side panel, click Settings, and then click Site Domain.
  3. In the Site URL section, click the Add alternate domain link and type the URLs of each of the domains you want to forward to your site, separated by commas. For example,,,
  4. Click Save.
  5. Republish your site.


  • There is an option to display the site at alternate domains instead of redirecting. We do not recommend checking this option, as it is likely to reduce your site's overall SEO rankings.
  • Redirects from alternate domains happen on a per page basis and not only on the root domain. For example, will redirect to and not

Set up the alternate domains in their domain host

You also need to add the appropriate DNS records for each of the domains before they will forward to your site. Follow the instructions below to connect your domain:

  1. Log in to your domain host.
  2. Navigate to the domain management area
  3. Locate the DNS editing option. Create a new CNAME record with the following settings:
    • Host/Alias: www
    • Destination/Target:
  4. Point the root of your domain ( to your website. To do this, create two A Records with the following settings:

    First A Record:

    • Host/Alias: @
    • Destination/Target:

    Second A Record:

    • Host/Alias: @
    • Destination/Target:


    • The A records are needed for the base domain ( to forward as well. Without these A records only the www version ( will be forwarded.
    • For subdomains as alternate domains, only a CNAME is needed. The host value will be the same as the first part of the subdomain, for example, if the subdomain is, the host value will be store.

    SSLs for alternate domains

    SSLs can be generated for alternate domains.


    • The main domain needs to have an SSL already generated by the editor.

    • To generate an SSL, please visit the alternate domain. The SSL will not be generated if the alternate domain is not visited.

    • Once the SSL starts to generate, it can take up to 3 hours to complete.

    • SSLs will not be visible in the editor and unable to be managed (for example removed or regenerated).

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