Airbnb reservation payment/payout is showing incorrect information

Once you've recieved a reservation's payment from the guest, you'll recieve the reservation's payout from Airbnb.
Below we'll discuss how payouts for Airbnb reservations work, and possible reasons for Airbnb payment or payout issues.


Airbnb's payout and payment policy & guidelines

Below are some of Airbnb's guidelines that can help diagnose discrepancies with your reservation payment status:

  1. Short-term reservations (less than 30 days)
    For short-term reservations, you should receive a payout from Airbnb 24 hours after the guest checks in — depending on the property's set check-in time.
  2. Long-term reservations (more than 30 days)
    • Payouts from Airbnb will be received every 30 days
    • For monthly reservations: The payouts will start 24 hours after check-in

      For example: Let's say there is a reservation for 75 nights (2 and a half months), and a total of $10,000.
      The payment can be made successfully in 3 releases: $6,000 on the 31st day of the reservation, $2,000 on the 61st day of the reservation, and $2,000 on the 90th day after check-in (91 days after the date of check-in).


      Airbnb will determine the amount per payout.

    • Guesty will receive a notification for each payment (until the balance is paid in full)
      The reservation's payment status will be displayed as "Unpaid" on Guesty until you've received all of the reservation's payouts by Airbnb.
    • For new Airbnb hosts: Airbnb might release your payout 30 days after your first confirmed reservation
      If your first reservation is more than a month away, your payout will be sent 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in date. This applies to any payouts scheduled to be released during those 30 days.
  3. Syncing payment data between Airbnb and Guesty
    You might not see your payout immediately in Guesty, since it can take up to 72 hours for the payout notification to sync with Guesty.


Learn more with Airbnb's Help Center articles.


Payouts for altered or canceled reservations

For reservations that have been altered or canceled after it has been paid for:
Guesty will receive the initial payout notification when the alteration is confirmed, and a second payout notification will be received when the additional adjustment is settled.
The sync can take up to 72 hours.

Troubleshooting payout discrepancy issues

Here are some of the most common scenarios for reservation payout status discrepancies and what to check for to resolve the issue:

  • The listing is no longer connected to Guesty
  • The listing is connected in Guesty, but unlisted or unlinked in Airbnb
  • The listing or account is connected in Guesty, but suspended in Airbnb
  • The listing has been deactivated in Airbnb
  • There are syncing issues between Airbnb and Guesty
    In this case, check if any items were added manually or through other API applications into the Guesty folio. Any alteration done in Guesty won’t sync to Airbnb and will create discrepancies.
  • Your account is missing payout information


Reservation status is "Paid" in Airbnb, but "Unpaid" in Guesty

If a reservation's payment is displayed as "Unpaid" in Guesty, but the guest's payment has been received in Airbnb, note the following:

  • Check that the listing is connected in Guesty
  • Invoice items that are added manually to the reservation won't be pushed to Airbnb, and will be marked as "Unpaid"
  • Keep in mind, it can take up to 72 hours for the payout notification to sync with Guesty
  • The payments might be delayed if it's a weekend, a holiday, or if the transaction is being reviewed.
    Learn more about your payouts with this Airbnb's Help Center article, and contact them directly (if needed).


In order to receive the proper payout, you might need to take specific actions on your Airbnb listing or Host account (e.g. filling out tax information, missing payout methods, handling warnings, etc.).

  1. We suggest enabling Airbnb notifications in their Guesty account to stay up-to-date and receive notifications about any actions needed on Airbnb.
  2. You can also check your Airbnb Main Dashboard notifications here.
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