Airbnb: Reservation is not paid

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If a reservation's payment is displayed as "Unpaid" in Guesty, but the guest's payment has been received in Airbnb, note the following:

  • Check that the listing is connected in Guesty.
  • Invoice items that added manually to the reservation are not pushed to Airbnb, and will be marked as unpaid.
  • Keep in mind, it can take up to 72 hours for the payout notification to sync with Guesty.


In order to receive the proper payout, you might need to take specific actions on your Airbnb listing or Host account (e.g. filling out tax information, missing payout methods, handling warnings, etc.).

  1. We suggest enabling Airbnb notifications in their Guesty account to stay up-to-date and receive notifications about any actions needed on Airbnb.
  2. You can also check your Airbnb Main Dashboard notifications here.

Airbnb's payout and payment policy & guidelines

Below are some of Airbnb's guidelines that can help diagnose discrepancies with your reservation payment status: 

  1. Short-term reservations (less than 30 days)
    For short-term reservations, you should receive a payout from Airbnb 24 hours after the guest checks in—depending on the property's set check-in time.
  2. Long-term reservations (more than 30 days)
    For long-term reservations, you should receive the first payout 24 hours after the guest checks in — depending on the property's set check-in time. Additional payouts will be received from Airbnb every 30 days from the first payout date.

    The reservation's payment status will be displayed as "Unpaid" on Guesty until you've received all of the reservation's payouts by Airbnb.

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